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  1. Kirstin HARGREAVES says:

    Hi, can you please advise what the process is for joining the club/trying out for u11 in 2017? Thanks, Kirstin

  2. Ayan Warsame says:

    Hi birrarung,
    My nephew wants to play for your club he’s 10
    Regards, Ayan

  3. fcbirrarung says:

    Hi Ayan,
    Nothing really happens until February but we’ll put your name on our waiting list (and keep you updated via email).
    Can you please let us know his birthdate?

    Kind regards,

  4. fcbirrarung says:

    Hi Kristin,
    Thanks for your inquiry.
    As a club, we do not conduct trials at FC Birrarung so it’s a matter of vacancies and having parents volunteer as coaches and managers (all training provided) when creating new teams.
    Nothing really happens until February but we’ll put your name on our waiting list (and keep you updated via email).
    Kind regards,

    P.S. Apologies for taking so long to reply.

  5. Janet watts says:

    Hi, my son, Lloyd Fitzgerald would like to play with your club in 2017, DOB 18/03/04.
    Could you please place him on the wait list and advise of the likelihood of being offered a place.
    Janet watts

  6. fcbirrarung says:

    Hi Janet,
    Thanks for your query.
    I’ll place Lloyd’s name on the waiting list and will keep you updated.

    Kind regards,

  7. Guglielmo Gottoli says:

    Hi, my son Luca would also be keen to play in 2017, DOB 02/10/09. Could you please place him on the waiting list? Thank you. Best regards, Guglielmo

  8. fcbirrarung says:

    Hi Guglielmo,
    Thanks for your query.
    More than happy to place Luca on the waiting list.

    Kind regards,

  9. Vanessa O'Neill says:

    My son Daniel O’Neill (DOB 21/12/2005) would love to join the U12’s this year. Could you please place him on the waiting list? One of his best friends Robin Stewardson already plays with your club.
    Kind regards,
    Vanessa O’Neill

  10. Ayan Warsame says:

    Hi birrarung,his date of birth is 18/10/06

  11. fcbirrarung says:

    Hi Vanessa,
    Thanks for your query and sorry for the tardy reply.
    I’m happy to place Daniel on the waiting list. I’ll be in touch within a fortnight.

    Kind regards,

  12. fcbirrarung says:

    Thanks, Ayan.
    He would be in U11. Will let you know in a fortnight if spots are available.

    Kind regards,

  13. Rolf Cook says:

    Hi Ross, just a note to say my son Robin is keen to join up. I’m not certain if he’s on a waitlist already. Many thanks, Rolf Cook.

  14. fcbirrarung says:

    Hi Rolf,
    Robin is on the waiting list.
    Please feel free to register at

    Kind regards,

  15. Khadija Izaz says:

    Hi b

  16. Khadija Izaz says:

    Hi birrurung I would like to join the under 12 girls and my birthday is4 August 2005 thank you

  17. fcbirrarung says:

    Hi Khadija,
    Thanks for your query. Please register at, but please don’t pay anything until we can confirm your spot. Select ‘Pay manually at the club’ near the end and that will ensure you don’t pay anything. If you have any queries, please send another email and I can contact you. Kind regards, Ross

  18. Janet Watts says:

    Hi Ross I have paid on line for Lloyd who is on the waiting list. I shall think positively and therefore no need to refund( that would tricky, sorry as I was not aware of other option to pay at club) Janet watts

    Sent from my iPhone


  19. fcbirrarung says:

    No problem, Janet. Positive thinking is a great quality.
    We’ll hopefully know within a week or so.

    Kind regards,

  20. My son Luca Georgiou (DOB 29/11/2006) would love to join the U11’s this year. I know its a bit late but he has just decided to make the switch. Is there still a chance for a spot?

  21. fcbirrarung says:

    Hi George, Thanks for your query. It’s not too late to join even though we are close to finalising squads. There is a good chance that a third U11 side may be formed (if we can attract a coach and manager from the parent group), so please feel free to register Luca at asap. We should know within a few days whether that side will eventuate. Please let us know if you are keen to volunteer your services as a coach or manager. I’m not across the coaching vacancies so it may not be necessary, but we are always looking for assistant coaches also. Hope this helps. Kind regards, Ross

  22. Hi Ross
    Thank you for the update. We may have another player if you come up short by one, plus I coached a team from under 6’s to under 12’s but that was a long time ago. What kind of commitment is required for a coach, (Training, game day, etc.)

  23. fcbirrarung says:

    Hi George,

    The commitment is one training session and a Sunday match, both of which you may be able to share.
    We were toying with an additional session on Saturdays for U11s, but I’d assume that would be a session conducted by one of our three C Licence coaches.
    I can put you in touch with our coaching co-ordinator, Simon Pase, and he can explain more. I know we’re looking at hosting a coaching course at Princes Park during the season.

    Kind regards,

  24. fcbirrarung says:

    Also, another player would be great if you could encourage them to register at

    Kind regards,

  25. Zack says:

    Hello i would like to play for the club can yuo tell me all the details

  26. fcbirrarung says:

    Hi Zack,
    Thanks for your query.
    Just wondering if you could send us your full name and date of birth at
    Registration doesn’t occur until February, with existing players given preference. Then players on our waiting list fill any vacancies.
    Kind regards,

  27. fcbirrarung says:

    Registration costs are about $400 for U12 and above or about $300 for MiniRoos.

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