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Here are some useful resources for players, families and volunteer officials

Information for Match Day

Information about match days can be found in the 2021 FCB Handbook for Team Managers & Volunteers.

It includes information specific to FC Birrarung and Princes Park.

It also gathers the most useful information from the Football Victoria rules and regulations including the setup of the pitch, volunteer officials from each team, playing attire, ball size, and what to do if a referee does not turn up.

The Miniroos Formats & Playing Rules explain in detail the rules and regulations for small-sided games (U7 – U11) including the size of the pitch, number of players, and rules of the game.

The FFV Club Handbook explains in detail the rules and regulations for what you need to know for matches in the Under 12 to U20 age groups.

The Laws of the Game are explained by the Football Federation of Australia, including the Offside rule.

Information for injured players 

There is a defibrillator located inside the external door to the canteen kitchen in the Southern Pavilion. The door is usually closed so please ask a coach for an access card or ask at the canteen.

Concussion Policy
In the absence of medical clearance, it is within the discretion of the coach to ask a player to take time off from training and/or playing matches if they may have suffered a concussion. This is as per industry guidelines and best practice.

D.R.S.A.B.C.D. (approaching an Emergency) from St John Ambulance Australia

Head Injury Fact Sheet from the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne

Concussion/Head Injury – returning to sport, Fact Sheet from The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne

R.I.C.E.R. treatment for strains, sprains and fractures, from Raising Children Network

Nosebleeds, Fact Sheet from The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne


Miniroos and Junior matches in the Football Victoria fixture are played in all weather conditions unless the referee deems it unsafe to do so.

Please refer to page 28 of Football Victoria’s 2019 Rules of Competition for details.

Wet Weather Training Policy

Training during wet weather is essential for athletes that will be expected to compete in wet weather.

Unless your coach has specifically informed you otherwise, training will be on. Times when we would not advise coming to training are during severe electrical storms (lightning).

Sometimes training is cancelled because the ground is closed by the council.

The club will inform you via email & Facebook at around 4.00pm.

Wear synthetic training attire and bring a dry top to wear after training.

Hot Weather Training Policy

During pre-season, training will be cancelled if, at 4.00pm, the Melbourne temperature is 36 degrees or higher.

The club will inform you via email & Facebook at around 4.00pm.


Sunscreen is available free of charge to all members and visitors to the club.

On match days, sunscreen is available from the canteen, at all other times it can be found on the shelf next to the door in the club rooms.