Wet weather training policy
Training during wet weather is essential for athletes that will be expected to compete in wet weather. Unless your coach has specifically informed you otherwise, training will be on. Times when we would not advise coming to training are during severe electrical storms (lightning). Sometimes training is cancelled because the ground is closed by the council. The club will inform you via email & Facebook at around 4.00pm. Wear synthetic training attire and bring a dry top to wear after training.

Hot weather policy
During pre-season, training will be cancelled if, at 4.00pm, the Melbourne temperature is 36 degrees or higher.




3 Responses to Training

  1. George says:

    Hi Ross ,
    can you please give me a call on 0425 801 320. Its George – our son’s used to play at Brunswick City couple of years ago. We used to chat at training.

  2. fcbirrarung says:

    Hi Jane,
    We aren’t opening registrations until mid-February.
    But existing players are given priority over new players if they register within the allotted registration period.

    Kind regards,

  3. Jane Erwin says:

    My son played for FC Birrarung last year and I just received an email from Football Club Victoria indicating that registrations are now open. I tried to register but the options for groups didn’t quite look right. Can you confirm registration for FC Birrarung 2017 please?

    Many thanks

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