2020 Training Schedule


FC Birrarung is very excited to have our players and coaches back on the pitch. Please note that there are conditions that MUST be observed in order for training to take place. Full details can be found on our Return to Training page.

Players must:

  • Be registered with FCB for the 2020 season (contact secretary@fcbirrarung.com if you would like to register)
  • Read and understand the FCB COVID-19 Return to Training document
  • Give their coach the FCB COVID-19 Health Check and Acknowledgement of Return to Training Conditions form signed by the player (at their first session only)
  • Arrive via the side of the pitch designated to your team and go directly to you teams training location – see maps below 
  • Sign in with their coach on arrival to every session
  • Wear boots and shin pads (and uniform if you have one)
  • Bring a white playing top and a coloured playing top – no bibs will be used under current restrictions.
  • Bring a water bottle and bottle of hand sanitiser
  • Observe social distancing at all times (bags must be spaced also)
  • Understand there is no heading or throwing the ball at training
  • Remember there is no spitting allowed
  • Lock bikes along the perimeter of the park (no bikes are allowed on the pitches)
  • Arrive on time and leave the park immediately after training finishes

For parents and carers:

  • Due to the new regulatory conditions FC Birrarung asks parents to drop players at training and leave the FCB training area immediately
  • If parents need to stay for any part of the training session, they must sign in with the coach
  • Please observe social distancing at all times
  • Players are required to leave the training area as soon as training finishes so if you are collecting your children from training, please be on time

Please refer to our Return to Training page for more details

Tuesday Training Map









Thursday Training Map









Sunday Training Map










New to FC Birrarung?

All players aged from 5 to 20 years are welcome to join our club.

COVID-19 restrictions mean all players MUST be registered with FC Birrarung prior to joining any training sessions. If you’d like more information please email our club secretary at secretary@fcbirrarung.com


It is always great see so many of our players riding to training and to games – it’s part of the FCB culture – but we need to look after our players and our pitches, so:

  • No bikes are to be on the pitches at all. Please lock them
  • Bikes must be locked up around the perimeter of the park;
  • Please make sure you have lights and high vis/reflective gear to go to and from training.

Weather Policy

Miniroos and Junior matches in the Football Victoria fixture are played in all weather conditions unless the referee deems it unsafe to do so.

Please refer to page 28 of Football Victoria’s 2019 Rules of Competition for details.

Wet Weather Training Policy

Training during wet weather is essential for athletes that will be expected to compete in wet weather.

Unless your coach has specifically informed you otherwise, training will be on. Times when we would not advise coming to training are during severe electrical storms (lightning).

Sometimes training is cancelled because the ground is closed by the council.

The club will inform you via email & Facebook at around 4.00pm.

Wear synthetic training attire and bring a dry top to wear after training.

Hot Weather Training Policy

During pre-season, training will be cancelled if, at 4.00pm, the Melbourne temperature is 36 degrees or higher.

The club will inform you via email & Facebook at around 4.00pm.

Please Be Sun Smart!

Sunscreen is available free of charge to all members and visitors to the club.

On match days, sunscreen is available from the canteen, at all other times it can be found on top of the fridge in the club rooms.